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Political Roots of China’s Degradation – Judith Shapiro

China’s Transformations is a collection of essays that cover many of the current debates surrounding China’s rise. This is our summary of the second essay within the book. Judith Shapiro explores the link between human suffering and environmental degradation while examining the Mao years (50). Shapiro also seeks to explore the political connections between human rights […]

Trouble-Makers or Truth-Sayers – Martin Fackler

In the essay “Trouble-Makers or Truth-Sayers,” Martin Fackler recounts his time in China as a foreign journalist. While reporting on a nightclub fire in China, Fackler reveals the antagonistic relationship between the foreign press and the Chinese government as well as the characteristics of a state that is still struggling to adjust to a rising […]

Surviving a Nuclear Attack – Irving Redlener

Irving Redlener gives a short lecture on the possibility of a terrorist nuclear attack. Splitting up the nucear age into two chapters, Redlener describes the first chapter (between 1941-1992) as one of paranoia and delusion, exhibited by impractical evacuation plans. The only thing that prevented the United States and the U.S.S.R. from bombing the other […]