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The Why | Hand of Reason

The Why

Effective Policy demands extensive knowledge. This world of ours is far too complex to lend itself to axioms or restrictive paradigms.

We believe there is a severe lack of effective analysis within public discourse and the American media. Careful reasoning for the sake of progress largely remains absent. Emotional rhetoric with little concern for empirical or theoretical foundations pervades. This is unacceptable.

The dilemmas of our day cause far too much suffering as the result of ineffective or inadequate policy decisions for this situation to continue. No outlet consistently delivers transparent, thorough analysis of the pressing issues. Opinions reign triumphant without a challenging source of counterpoint. This is that source.

Agendas, partisanship, and inclusive world paradigms are not the instruments of progress. They impede the development of knowledge, inhibiting the procurement of effective policy. We do not presume to have solutions. We offer insights. Infantile insights will pervade in the beginning. But, over time, our understanding of the world will deepen, allowing for conclusions and policy that can produce a world that is slightly better than the one we found. Only through a relentless pursuit of analysis can these insights be provided. There is far too much at stake to do otherwise. Too much hope, too many lives, and too many dreams have been squandered in bickering.

Here, no side or perspective will be dismissed. All counterpoints will be considered. By ceaselessly critiquing and evolving the analysis presented here, we can provide those critical insights. Extensive engagement with the world around us provides the vast array of opinions required to accomplish this burdensome task.

Let us be done with the unwillingness to expand and evolve our own understanding, we have far too much work to do.